While anyone expects the military to put on uniforms, the uniform being inseparable from even most modest ranks - who could conceive of a soldier or sailor which aren’t in uniforms? - some employees working with clients every day have difficulties to get used to wear a uniform. Although the majority of us work for companies or organizations, therefore have a very corporate identity, the concept of corporate garments are less palatable when we ought to give up our usual clothing style and keep well known clothes within the wardrobe most of the time. Whereas we’ve got used to long hours, we couldn’t get as tolerant as far as uniforms are concerned. Do you know why so, simply because are simpler to maintain, look formal, and spare us much shopping and reflection as you’re watching mirror on the party’s theme ‘what must i wear today?’, while we are already late and the visitors are heavy inside the mornings?

Maybe that’s an instinct of defending one’s personality against uniformity, even in the mild type of garments. But uniforms are visible in another perspective, when we take into account the prestige attached to wearing a uniform. Anyone feels safer or cared of after they visit a policeman, a health care provider or even a nurse.

But uniforms aren’t just an indication of an occupation, but in addition a sign of respect for all those requiring the services you receive. First, they can identify you since the providers these are searching for and, secondly, most uniforms are like molded for the specifications clients expect. Expensive hotels maid or some other hospitality employee would not impart a sense cleanness and hygiene or else wearing a uniform, in spite of the biggest smile on their own faces. And the way would you like to be using a waitress wearing her long hair down or wearing exactly the same casual clothes she wore to be able to work, presumably packed with bacteria? Or have the identical experience with your dentist? Wouldn’t you replace him right away?

But besides hygiene or health related concerns, uniforms show respect for clients and have shown as improving business relations. From shop-assistants to bank clerks or company secretaries, any ‘front-office’ positions would take advantage of wearing uniforms for the reason that first impression is of paramount importance. Your exposure to the clients just isn’t personal, but you behave as a consultant and image of your business. And, besides, various garments could be tiresome, while uniforms, though maybe monotonous, don’t catch a persons vision or exhaust it - they may be neutral. How do you feel, while doing all your shopping inside a hypermarket, to have every one of the shop-assistants dressed differently? Or what would become your impression of whatever famous company, if the secretary welcoming you’ll wear garish clothes in the bad taste? If she looks cheap, what might this say about the company you wish to have a business relation with? From the office design, accessories, stationery or plants on the clothes worn from the personnel, everything is being a business card in the said company. And image does sell nowadays.

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